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3 Points That Prove Travelling Is a Must If You Have a Hectic Life

Travelling – for some persons it is passion while for some it is a leisure time pass and for some, it is a quick escape from the hustle bustle of the city. But life in the current days has become so packed that spending some quality time with family, living some moments for own, and taking rest for hours without any workload have emerged as a dream or fantasy for many people.

For those people, who live a frenzied and jam-packed 9-5 lifestyle, travel at least once in a year is a must. And if you are wondering why here are some points to enlighten your confusion. Have a look:

  • Give Life A Fresh Resurrect:

It is completely undeniable that lives in these days have become more hectic and chaotic and travel or a short trip to some exotic destinations can revitalise the life while fuelling it for a pleasurable restart.

  • Change Perspective Of Life:

Living in those regularly beaten tracks, working in the same dull workplace daily, and sleeping in the same room for years often make people see things in the same manner for years. But a short and pleasurable trip can change your perspective towards life and help you seeing things differently, in fact in a more creative manner.

  • Help To Explore New Things:

There is an inner craving in every people to explore new places, experiencing new cultures, traditions and enjoying some relaxing moment, far from the beaten track of life and this is what travelling does.

Hottest Limousine Rides From The Airport

Within a few months car lovers will get hold of a new electric powered limousine from the esteemed car manufacturer Rolls Royce. The information is confirmed by the British luxury car manufacturer. The design of this new limousine will be based around Rolls Royce’s Phantom. The electric powered limousine will be rechargeable.

The upcoming Geneva Motor Show scheduled to start from the 1st of March, 2011 will see the launch of this new car from the House of Rolls Royce. The codename used for this model is EXP102. The EXP is used to tag this model as ‘experimental’. The company has a tradition of manufacturing experimental car models and taking them to different corners of the globe. This is common for majority of the Rolls Royce productions. The company follows this tradition before taking the orders and launching their production versions. The speculations about this electric powered limousine first came into existence almost two years ago. A lot of these places were instrumental in the development of Texas town car & limousine influx in the 80’s.  There were news that Rolls Royce is planning to manufacture an electric model; however, there was no confirmation from the company. The speculations intensified during January, 2011 and finally the Rolls Royce management announced their plans of unveiling this car at the Geneva Motor Show. The company also mentioned that this is the first electric vehicle belonging to the ultra-luxury category of vehicles.

According to the information provided by the company officials, the EXP102 is launched to know the reactions and opinions of the media and the public about the use of alternative rive trains.

This experimental electric powered version of the Rolls Royce Phantom will tour all through 2011. This will serve as test bed for gathering research data that is extremely crucial for the company before launching the production version of the car.

Detailed specifications of the car are not revealed by the company. It is believed that the first look of the car along with the facts about the features included in the car will be revealed only in the Geneva Motor Show.